Hard Nipples Forever

one-stop shopping for pictures that i've taken, thoughts that drop out of my brain, and re-posting of things i find that i like. anything with "by jonmmmayhem" is obviously something i did. anything else i re-post is assumed to be in the public domain and i make no claims of ownership.
in that same vein, should you choose to repost something of mine (and please please do, i love it), i would appreciate it if you made sure to include the credit, thank you.
it's probably not a good idea to look at this while your mother is around. or while my mother is around. it'd kill her.
everyone depicted here is old enough to be naked on the internet, and you, the viewer probably should be too.

i also have a personal tumblr, for all the pointless-anecdotes-and-funny-pictures nonsense that doesn't really fit my photo-art posting.
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